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Beyond the rectangle

Create experiences that connect and expand the digital and physical worlds with real-time engagement.

The Future of Digital Engagement

Capture the moment. Share the experience.

Human Engagement Reimagined

By marrying software development with psychology, the future will include ground-breaking and impactful experiences that connect the digital and physical worlds with real-time, person-to-person intentional and emotional engagement.

Dynamic Virtual Environments

The expression of emotion and personality are critical to physical world, person-to-person interactions. People must now confront the new normal of wanting to be together, yet increasingly, physically apart.

Expand the Opportunity

Enable digital experiences on the screen and in your room that connect products, artifacts, memorabilia and training materials in fresh new ways. Drag augmented content from Linkroomâ„¢ into Your Room.

Spatial interaction

Not your typical virtual meeting. Engage with your colleagues, prospects and partners in a digital space that is closer to in-person, face-to-face.

Virtual Environments

More than just rectangles on a screen. Create environments for meetings, sales pitches, training and learning that sets the context and the intention for success.

Augmented Experience

Move effortlessly between the real world and the virtual world by linking content and changing how technology impacts our online human experience.